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My Chiari Story

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My Chiari Life story

It all begon on 2009 of September...

On september the 5th 'my dearest adopted mother died unexpected'.
Three days later i spoke with my sister about a pain in my left arm, she told me straight "go see an doctor" 9 september my sister nd i go went to a doctor.
This doctor was well educated, cause as soon i discirbed my pain, he said 'neurological pain' my mind was not so focused, but my sister was! Had to see a neurological doctor (15th of september) in that time i did also some mri's scans (head,neck and back). I never ever ever thougt that on december 23, the neurosurgeon explained to , my father,sister nd i about the decompression surgery, i was to shocked of the hole situation.
I didn't ask much..
Surgery was on the 8th of march 2010.. After the surgery it toked me 8months mentally nd fiscally to accept a life with Chiari!

Up till today the Chiari info i receive is only because of FB, ore on google.. Over here in the Netherlands Chiari is too much to Unknown, so i build up an fb site ACdaileysayings to give Chiari in the Netherlands a vOICE nd ATTENTION!!

I believe my adopted mother saved me.. But damn i never for get how i missed my mother during my time in the hospital, even now it breaks my heart... My lovingfull sister helped me so so much (the best sister ever) my dad nd that one friend i thanked them too.. I write about it, nd thinking while i write, i wished this isn't my Chiari story, but it is my past nd my future...... I wish someone can hear me i wish to build YoungChiari foundation in the Netherlands!!! Chiari needs education for you nd me.... Everyday i always think 'there are so much Chiarian soldiers thai i admire the strength nd courage every single day...

Andrea Beltec