Most coaches offer beginners just starting to work on the program split-training - to work through each workout only 1-2 muscle groups. But such a program more suited to experienced athletes having the general training and wishing to pay more attention to any particular muscle group.
For girls novice better work training program in the gym with the study of whole body each time you visit gym.

Those who because of his schedule can pass a fitness workout more comfortable each time to pay attention to all the muscles, than to increase the gap between training a muscle group due to absenteeism on the plan. For girls training program flexibility in the hall is particularly important, as not everyone will be able to train at full strength during menstruation. That is, even if you have a work / hobby / other reasons why you can not go to the gym on a regular basis - it's not a reason to not do at all. Build your training program so that every time you do the exercises for different muscle groups, cycling in one whole body workout More Information